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The electrical panel inside your home is critical for allowing you to access all the power you need to energize your appliances and your devices. 

Without a functioning panel, it is likely that you will experience lots of tripping from your circuit, and will not be able to use all the devices you need. 

Speak to our technicians at Streamline Electric, Inc. for comprehensive electrical panel services in Metro Detroit to keep your household or industrial location safe.

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How Your Electrical Panel Works

You may not think about it very often, but one of the most important parts of the electrical system inside your house is the electrical panel. While this panel is usually tucked away in the basement or garage, out of sight and out of mind, it acts as the very heart of your electrical network. Inside the panel are critical circuit breakers, as well as a primary switch to control the amount of power that gets directed to every room in the rest of your property.  

Without these dedicated breakers, you would be in major trouble every time even the smallest spike occurred in the electrical current flowing throughout the property. For example, if a large appliance like an AC or refrigerator was plugged in, this simple action could cause a sudden surge that overloads the amount of current allotted to the system and presents the risk of electrocution or fire. The breakers in your panel serve to instantly cut off this current to prevent a tragic incident from occurring.

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    "He was very professional and knowledgeable."
    Kevin came out next day for my quote on running electrical through the basement. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I really appreciated the time he took to do a proper electrical inspection throughout the home along with the basement estimate. He was able to uncover some things that needed to be addressed. He even was courteous enough to wear shoe covers as to not dirty up our carpet. It’s the little things. Thanks Kevin!
    Ashley J.
    "Did great work!"
    Was on time. Did great work! Can’t recommend them enough!
    Ryan C.
    "On time, knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient."
    Henry came to conduct an on-site assessment for the installation of an EV charging unit. He was on time, knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient.
    Claudia R.
    "Professional and efficient."
    Henry was nice, punctual, professional, and efficient.
    Amy E.
    "We will definitely be using Streamline again."
    Mike was prompt and on time. He was kind and explained things very clearly. We had him quote out a large project to replace the electrical panel and update an outlet for a new dryer. While he was here he also replaced an outdoor motion sensor light that has been broken. We were very impressed with his knowledge and skill. We will definitely be using streamline again. Thanks so much Mike!
    Sydney R.
    "Excellent service."
    They installed an Electric Vehicle charger in my detached garage. The electrician was great. Arrived on time and worked until the sun went down. Excellent service.
    Michele L.
    "They were on time and announced their presence and efficiently completed the job!"
    They replaced a 3G modem with a currently supported reporting system for our solar panels. They were on time and announced their presence and efficiently completed the job.
    Vicky W.
    "Quick process so i can get on with the rest of my day."
    Dillion was professional and let me know the process for getting my new light Installed. Quick process so i can get on with the rest of my day. DTE did good when choosing Streamline.
    Kimberly H.

When to Have Your Panel Upgraded

All panels come with a certain amount of electrical load that they are able to handle. In the past, even as little as 10 years ago, the average home in the U.S. could get by on around 60 amps. Currently, however, the level of power required by our modern devices is closer to 100 amps, and the more appliances you have, the more likely you will need around 200 amps or even higher. If your panel is not upgraded, it will simply not be able to handle this increased load and will keep causing the circuit to break.

You should consider having your panel upgraded if:

  • Several people are using multiple devices within your household
  • You have noticed that the circuit keeps tripping
  • It is impossible to use more than one or two large appliances at a time
  • You have had to rely on lots of extension cords and power strips
  • You are purchasing a new large appliance, such as an oven or laundry machine
  • There are sounds of crackling, popping, or buzzing coming from the panel
  • Your lights dim if you turn on other kinds of appliances

The best way to figure out if you need a panel upgrade is by speaking to a knowledgeable electrician. Our devoted team members at Streamline Electric, Inc. can perform your upgrade with speed and effectiveness.

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