A Guide to Sustainable Home Energy Solutions in Ann Arbor


Read below to learn about the best home energy solutions so you can make the most of your money and power!

Upgrade Your Appliances

Many people don't realize it, but plugged-in appliances are eating at their energy and wallets.

As a homeowner, it's your responsibility to find home energy solutions that make sense for your lifestyle. If you have smart electronics and appliances, they will consume energy so long as they are plugged in. A great way to reduce home energy usage is by unplugging or upgrading these devices.

Newer appliances have built-in features that automatically shut off or conserve energy. Do your best to sync these programs with your phone so you can control them. Old appliances are notorious for wasting energy, especially if they aren't working properly.

Our team will ensure you have the right electrical setup for your appliances. We can help you set them up to establish a smart and sustainable home.

Switch to Solar Power

If you live in the Metro Detroit area, we can work with your home to provide safe and effective energy solutions.

Our team of solar installation experts can help you become more independent as a homeowner. You won't have to rely as heavily on the grid since you'll have a natural production of energy. Before you contact us, make sure you research your building regulations to ensure that solar power won't be an issue.

There are plenty of benefits to switching to solar, aside from reduced electrical spending. Solar panels make it possible to effortlessly reduce carbon footprints and help the planet. Since this is a desire for potential buyers, it will even increase your home value and act as a perk when you sell.

Ann Arbor is one of the most forward-thinking cities in the country. People moving to this area understand that solar panels are a great investment and can help the entire community. Doing this will only make your home more marketable to people relocating.

Start Small

Getting off the electrical grid can be stressful, but you can do it in phases to prepare your home and family.

It's common for homeowners to rely partially on traditional energy and supplement it with solar power. Depending on your energy usage, we can help you plan for the upgrades without delaying the project. As you learn more about solar panel maintenance and financing, the task will be much more approachable.

Our Tesla Solar Roof is the ideal solution. This solution helps you get the best of both worlds while you adjust to relying more on clean energy. Only a few solar companies in Ann Arbor install these innovative panels that replace a roof.

What's Involved with the Process?

Knowing what to expect will make the transition to solar power smoother.

Our team will start by creating a detailed assessment of your needs and home. With this information, we can help you select the most beneficial paneling to power your home without fail. Once a plan is drafted, you'll have a chance to work with our installation experts to get the job done well and quickly.

Streamline Electric and Solar offers installation warranties for all systems. They cover defects, malfunctions, and more. We are committed to giving our customers reliable solar panels and service so the system lasts for decades.

If you hire our team, we will take charge of the project so you can focus on other things. Our professionalism and knowledge can help you become more sustainable.

View our payment options to start preparing for this financial move. You can also qualify for federal grants that help pay homeowners back for their investments. Each step you take toward sustainability will also improve your home's value.

Save Unused Energy

Our company recommends getting a battery storage system for your home.

Michigan has reported the second-highest number of weather-related power outages since 2000. Along with Texas, people are losing power from severe storms and the effects of climate change. Having a battery storage system will protect your home, even when the lights go out.

Home generators and batteries can be charged with solar or traditional energy sources. They provide backup power in times of need, especially in the summer and winter months. The best part about our generators is that you can adjust the times you charge up to make the most of low energy rates.

Although you can still charge and use the battery system during peak-demand periods, you'll save money in low-demand periods.

Install EV Chargers

In 2022, more than 2,000 electric vehicles were in the Ann Arbor area.

Since then, this number has increased as sustainable vehicles have become more affordable. Installing EV chargers in your home can help you get around town, help others, and increase your home's value. Electric vehicles will become more relevant in the future, which is why many homeowners view this project as a worthy investment.

Converters and traditional energy sources consume more power to charge a vehicle. If you want to charge up most efficiently, our team will maximize your power.

Incorporate LEDs

Incandescent lightbulbs use significantly more energy to stay powered and they also pose a risk because they can heat up.

Our team can help you install LED lights in and around your home. Many people hire us for recess LED lighting in the kitchen and basements since it's out of the way. The great part about switching to LEDs is that some devices incorporate smart technology to prevent energy waste.

You can control your LED lights from hundreds of miles away. Talk to our team about which conveniences could benefit your home and lifestyle. By answering a few quick questions, we will guide you through the process and brighten up your home.

LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and affordable. The bulbs might cost more initially, but they last much longer than other types of bulbs and won't burn out after a week. Not only are they a sustainable solution, but they will reduce the headaches and frustration of changing them out constantly.

Improve Your Electrical Panels

Most people don't realize when there are issues with electrical panels because they don't check them regularly.

A malfunctioning panel will require more energy to power appliances, lights, and devices. When one part, even an unused area is damaged, it can waste power. To make your home more sustainable, you can hire our team to fix the damage.

Fixing a broken panel will prevent tripping and potential hazards. If you go to check your panel without professional help, flip the switches on with the door partially closed and your hand on the switch. There is always a risk that the panel could malfunction and spark.

Streamline Electric, Inc. provides comprehensive panel services to help homeowners in the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas. Even the smallest of spikes can disrupt an electrical panel, which is why you don't want to delay repairs. When these surges happen, they often fluctuate and overload the system.

Overwhelmed panels and surges significantly increase the risk of fire and electrocution. To prevent injuries and issues, the power must be instantly cut off. Our technicians are experienced, follow safety precautions, and use the best equipment.

Repair Damages for Sustainability

Finding reliable help can seem impossible these days, but there are practical options.

After a quick diagnosis, our team can find the problems and where the damage is occurring. Our technicians are trained to help homeowners get the most power for what they are paying. Much like any other device or appliance, damage can impact the amount of power needed to run them.

If you're looking for solar companies in Ann Arbor, we have teammates nearby. If you notice flickering lights, outlet sparks, or power issues, it's important to get help quickly. Our solutions help protect the environment by using less fossil fuels and reducing the risk of fires.

Know the Risks

Homeowners have an understanding of what could go wrong when dealing with electrical issues, but there's a lot that goes unknown.

Knowing the risks can help you weigh out your options and if you think you can manage a project on your own. Shocks and burns are the most common issues people deal with when they aren't properly prepared to handle electricity. Not only can these hazards injure a person, they can also be dangerous enough to be fatal.

When electricity jumps from one circuit to another, there are other threats to know about. Fires can quickly grow from a small smark in the electrical paneling and outlets. Neglecting to make repairs could lead to expensive and dangerous consequences.

Another risk to be aware of is that surges and electrical failures can damage devices. Computers, televisions, and phones can break when plugged into the wall during a surge. These problems happen quickly and can cause breaker damage.

Try Other Sources of Clean Energy

Ann Arbor is one of the most progressive areas in the country, not only are people making the most of power, but all their money.

Other sources of clean energy, aside from solar power, can reduce your carbon footprint. Michigan residents have an advantage most homeowners don't get affordable access to hydropower. To use hydropower, you must still connect to a grid.

It is common for people to invest in wind, water, and geothermal heat along with solar energy. The more that you rely on clean energy, the larger the impact you'll make and you'll save money. Lowering utility bills can help you get back on top of your finances and save.

Swap Your Fireplace

With winter just around the corner, it is time to start preparing your home for the cold.

Many Ann Arbor residents are upgrading their fireplaces to more eco-friendly options. Electric fireplaces can produce a significant amount of heat with little energy, they can also run off of solar power. This simple upgrade can help you keep your family warm and you can save money if you have an outdated system.

Eco-friendly fireplaces don't take long to install, but the process can be difficult. Hiring our team can help you upgrade your home without increasing the risk of a fire or electrical shocks. Before you order your system, we can help you determine if your current wiring will be compatible.

Replace Your Ceiling Fans

Outdated ceiling fans might be useful, but they require more energy than newer models.

Energy-efficient ceiling fans can reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing your comfort. Innovative designs reduce energy consumption through aerodynamics and better technology. Our team can help you safely install and prepare wiring for new ceiling fans that are practical.

Similar to smart appliances, certain models have automatic energy-saving features. They also sync up to your device so you can turn off your fan while you're away, and put it on just before arriving back home.

Replacing a ceiling fan can be a risky project, especially since installers must look up while balancing on a ladder. You can prevent injuries and get the job done quickly with the help of Streamline Electric.

Which Home Energy Solutions Have You Tried?

If you're tired of looking for sustainable home energy solutions, Streamline Electric can take over.

We provide full electrical service to customers in the southeast region of Michigan. Whether you need help with repairs or want to make some electrical upgrades, you can reduce your carbon footprint. One of the best sustainable solutions is solar power, but there are other ways to make a difference.

Streamline Electric and Solar has been helping homeowners for more than a decade. Take a look at our electrical solutions so you can get projects done the right way!

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